Week 7 Term 3

What a busy week we have had in Room 9.

We have been practicing and preparing ourselves for presenting our speeches.

I am so proud of the effort that all Room 9 has put in to create and present their speeches. Especially those who went the extra mile and wrote their speech all by themselves.

We enjoyed playing fun games to get ourselves prepared and gain confidence in speaking out loud. One of these games were impromptu speaking with topics like "If I were invisible what would I do" and the class favourite "If I were the principal of Stanley Avenue School, what would I change and why?". The things the children said were outstanding. Watch out Mr Byers, these kids have some extreme ideas.

Congratulations to all Room 9 students on their amazing speeches. You have put so much effort into preparing yourselves for our speeches. It has been very exciting to see the confidence that you have gained in speaking out loud in front of your peers.

Ka may te wehi Room 9. What e…

Room 9 is FIZZING!

Wow! What a day Room 9 had. We had fun experimenting the fizzy taste that citric acid, icing sugar, jelly crystals and popping candy made in our mouths. We discussed what was happening in our mouths, and the chemical reaction that was occurring. As the solid of the sherbet and popping candy turned into a liquid with the help of our saliva, the reaction caused the gas carbon dioxide to form in our mouths making the fizzy and popping feeling on our tongues. Check out the process and end result of our sherbet.

2 Stars and 1 Wish Reflections

Today Room 9 reflected on our Genius Hour Work that we have done most of Term 1. We were using a new strategy called 2 Stars and 1 Wish. The students had to select 2 things they thought their partner did really well on their presentation and 1 wish that they needed to work on for next time. Here are some of of their reflections and some posters the students created. 

Rippa Rugby at its Finest

Wow! What an awesome rugby session.

We had a special visitor come to school this week to teach us valuable Rippa Rugby skills leading up to Rugby season. It was great to see all Room 9 students having a go, even the girls. We had lots of laughs especially when all the class picked on Miss T and tried to take her tags. A big thanks to Bill from Sport Waikato for a awesome session.

Term Four

Wow what a busy term we are having here in Room 9.

We have been learning about different science experiments, and how to observe and take notes about what we see. Here is a sneak peak of our Coke VS Mentos experiment... What do you think happened?
Well, not much actually. We tried two different types of coke, even though it did react and fizz up, it wasn't giant explosion we hoped for. Have you tried this experiment? Could you share any tips you may have with us?

We have been making some pretty cool art this term! We have been learning to create pieces of art that use lots of different materials. Here is a sneak peak of our mosaic animals, to see the finished the product, pop in and see us. We would love to show you.

Wacky Week Three!!

This week has been a very busy week!! We have been practicing for Cross Country, learning our Times Tables, keeping up to date with RIO2016, and we have had been lucky to have two very exciting and entertaining visitors.
First up, we had Mr Bruce Potter. Mr Potter is an author and book illustrator. He has illustrated Kaha the Kea, Penny the Prolific Pooing Cow, There is a hole in my bucket and many more.  He has his own doodle collection book, called Doodle bug. Doodle Bug is a product of Mr Potter's imagination.
We loved having Mr Potter in Room 9, showing us how talented he is by drawing an original based purely off our suggestions. 

On friday, we had a special NED assembly. Ned travels the country teaching kids how to do super cool Yoyo tricks and how to be champions. Ned  stands for Never give up Encourage others Do your best.

Today we had Mr Muir from Team Energize helping us prepare for Cross Country. We had a great time testing our fitness levels. We Had to run 550m and Mr Muir timed us. We look forward to him coming again in a few weeks, to see how much we have improved.